Jamie has just completed her first book, called, Simple Obsession: enjoying the tender heart of God. It is the rich distillation of years of active ministry both abroad and at home, among the unreached and the poor.  It is the culmination of 13 boot camps, teaching the material that is in this book, in order to train and equip these pioneers to do the work Jesus has called them to do.

As she has been out on the road speaking to young and old alike, they have been encouraging her (hounding) to put her testimony and lessons learned into a book. Because so many have urged her, she knuckled under, and it came off the press in April!

In training missionaries, Jamie focuses on guiding them into experiencing true connection with Jesus, and for several years, she has been teaching a seminar titled, “Intimacy with Jesus.” This book is a guide for every Christian to go beyond saying you have a personal relationship with God, to actually experiencing it.

Jamie is always a popular speaker. Here is an excerpt from a letter we received on November 5, 2008:

“Jamie Zumwalt in my opinion ranks in the top 2-3 instructors I’ve ever heard. I’ve been blessed to hear some great speakers in my life, many by video or audio tape. But I really cannot recall having EVER heard in a live audience a more powerful (one)… His power flows through her mightily. – awe-inspiring, powerful, life changing – none seem to be really adequate… she has set an entirely new benchmark.”