With his signature humor and passion, John highlights what Jesus meant when he spoke of the Kingdom of God, the seeds of the revolution that Jesus began, the expansion of this transformation since its inauguration and what is left to be done to see the fullness of heaven come to earth.

In a world filed with political rhetoric, the people of Jesus need to be energized by their true alliance with the Kingdom of God. What is the King accomplishing on the earth? What is the agenda of the Kingdom and how do we get in line with it? In our world today, we need to see why Jesus’ original message of the Kingdom of God (found in over 100 places in the New Testament), is largely unrecognized by Christianity today and is the key for fulling God’s Global vision. 

The seminar will unlock your understanding of the Bible as perhaps never before, helping to re-discover the true center of Christianity. From the beginning, the Kingdom of God (The Community of the King) was the focus of Jesus’ ministry and teaching and needs to be the center of ours. This seminar serves as a fast paced introduction to the Kingdom of God—the notion that the Kingdom is “already," and "not yet,” explaining how the Kingdom of God is breaking through into the here and now. 

We all pray, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth,” but too often we slide into hopelessness that God’s will can be done on earth, and in our hopelessness we can descend into faithlessness and worse the apathy of inaction. This seminar will challenge long held assumptions that keep the people of God from aggressively working for the King in the here and now.

This seminar can be formatted as a three hour or four hour teaching time.