There is a vast difference between knowing about God and knowing God. We can spend hours in church- attending worship services, participating in outreach ministries, teaching Sunday School, hosting small group meetings- spending ourselves in service to the Lord. Yet in the midst of all the activity, it is possible for us to remain void of relationship and intimacy with Him. The more we strive, the more God seems to be an impersonal, mystical, distant being. Many of us sense that something is missing and woefully inadequate in our spiritual pilgrimages. We see others leaving the church and the faith, as their excitement and passion for Jesus wanes all too often because we have perpetuated the lie of church-ianity, seeking relationship through ritual. We have lost our simple obsession, the grand, wholehearted, unifying pursuit that becomes our center of life. Speaking from her own experiences as a fellow journeyer, Jesus-follower and missionary trainer, Jamie paints an honest picture of her own search for a meaningful, passionate, transformative relationship with God. Her insight into God's desires to be our closest friend, our compassionate father and our tender lover will soften and restore any heart. For all who are struggling or simply going through the motions, this seminar will launch you into an exciting new level of reality with Jesus. Jamie will show you a way out of unfruitful religious wastelands and into abundant life with your simple obsession.

This seminar is based up the information and stories in Jamie’s book, Simple Obsession. The seminar is best formatted as three hours of teaching.