HUDSON TAYLOR'S CHOICE SAYINGS is an amazing collection of quotes taken from his talks, as well as his writings. Readers will be the first to “hear” his words from this lost and forgotten book, available for the first time in our generation.

Unearthed from the dark corners of a library, students of this great missionary have a new resource. This is published in the hope that it will strengthen and encourage both those who are familiar with him and those who are newly discovering him.

Generations of missionaries have looked to James Hudson Taylor as a spiritual leader and missionary innovator. All who long for the inward joy and power that Taylor had will enjoy the insights this collection holds. Considered the most influential missionary in the modern missionary movement, he radically changed the way missionaries lived and worked incarnationally with people, pioneering an example that continues to inspire.

Much of the the explosive growth in the modern church of China can be traced back to the trail he blazed. James Hudson Taylor (21 May 1832 – 3 June 1905), spent 51 years preaching and teaching in China. While other missionaries brought a gospel inextricable from Western culture, James adopted Chinese culture, wearing local clothing and hairstyles, loving the food, and becoming fluent in several Chinese dialects. Believing that God wanted to spread the gospel to all eighteen provinces of China, he started the China Inland Mission in 1865. Under his leadership more than 800 missionaries left for China, starting 300 missions stations in all eighteen provinces and beginning 125 schools, resulting in over 18,000 Chinese conversions. It is our hope in recovering this gem, that you will fall in love again or anew with this man of boldness and vision.

If you are a missions enthusiast, history buff or a revival hopeful, you will find this book a treasure.


It is one of the striking evidences of the love of God, that He has so secured the existence and wide diffusion of joy, that even in this sin-stricken world it is everywhere to be found. The young of all animals are naturally joyous; health and vigor make even toil a pleasure; and the lawful exercise of every faculty with which God has endowed us tends to the increase of our joy.
— -James Hudson Taylor

There are few things more exciting than finding a book that no one has seen in a hundred plus years. This is a one of a kind find that is now available to the public. Get your copy today!

Topics include: Abiding in Christ / Devotion / Faith / Fellowship / Fruitbearing / God's Care / God's Faithfulness / God’s Word / Joy / Obedience / Power / Prayer / Rest / Satisfaction / Service / Sincerity / Soul-Seeking / Suffering / Winning Christ