This fast-paced, three hour seminar, overviews what God is doing in the world and extends an invitation to all followers of Jesus to be involved.

In the Heart of God Seminar, you will discover the unifying theme woven in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, unveiling the very heart of God in a fresh, dynamic, new way. There are few events as life changing and dramatic as this seminar. One pastor confessed that though he had been to seminary and pastored for seven years, he had never understood what this seminar teaches. In a few hours, the sweeping panorama of God’s global activity, past and present, rushes before you. You cannot help but join in the very passion of His heart!

Have you ever wondered how what you are doing fits into God’s global purposes?

Is the “judgmental” God of the Old Testament the same as the “loving” God of the New Testament?

Do you feel like Christianity is similar to a puzzle? You have thousands of pieces representing Bible stories, doctrine, the teachings of Jesus, prophecies... but you can’t quite figure out how it all fits together?

This is an excellent seminar for every member of the church. It effectively takes missions off the side line of concern and firmly places it at the very core of one’s priorities.

King David was known as a man after God’s heart. David sought to know what God thought and felt. We, as followers of Jesus, have the same calling to not react to what we feel and see, but to walk by the Spirit and have the mind of Christ in all things.

Heart of God Seminar is for the express purpose of seeing what His concerns, dreams and desires are. We have all heard the phrase, “God has a wonderful plan for your life.” This seminar helps us shift the focus to, “God has a wonderful plan for the peoples of our world, and you have a place in it.”

The most often heard complaint is that missions is boring. It is often like pulling teeth to get the young to be interested. Missionary meetings are becoming some of the poorest attended meetings. Missions articles are seldom read.  Jesus’ last command is still far from our first concern... Maybe it is time for a fresh perspective, reviving passion for the global cause of Christ!

Passion isn’t a word we use much today, but it is time we rediscover it. It is the strong emotion which God feels for the peoples of our world. It is the anger He exhibits on their behalf, the unselfish sacrifice of Jesus, and the delay of His return. It is the motivator behind every covenant in the Bible and the guiding desire of every intervention.

How desperately we need His passion for this world. How the love of God, which encompasses every tongue, tribe and nation, must burn in the hearts of every Jesus follower. Then, Missions and Passion will be synonymous.

This seminar can be formatted as a three hour or four hour teaching time.